Box Bar Goes From Hooters Theme To Civil Rights In Rebranding Effort

by BethesdaNow.com — January 14, 2013 at 1:20 pm 4 Comments

The Box Bar & Grill, known for its Hooters-like sports bar appeal, will attempt a rebranding effort with a civil rights celebration and visit from Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown (D) on Friday.

In a press release, The Dry Fried Wing Company announced it is launching its “sports bar co-branding program” at what is now The Box Bar and Restaurant (7525 Old Georgetown Rd.) on Friday afternoon with a ribbon cutting, VIP reception and salute to the members of the Wilmington Ten, “in recognition of their outstanding perseverance and commitment leading to their recent pardon.”

The Dry Fried Wing Company is owned by Ben Chavis, the acknowledged leader of the Wilmington Ten and a former executive director of the NAACP.

It’s an extreme departure for the downtown bar, which opened in 2011 with waitresses and bartenders in skimpy referee uniforms advertising “the sexiest wings in Bethesda.” It was reportedly run by a former general manager of a D.C. gentlemen’s club.

There’s a new owner, according to the Dry Fried Wing Company press release, which perhaps explains the bizarre change between what The Box Bar was and Friday’s event.

Former Lt. Gov. and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele will also attend. More information as we get it.

  • Paul Hindes

    The location is just very bad, with no visibility and unfortuntley, whatever goes in there will have a hard time making it,

    • Melissa Jordan

      I agree about that location. I miss the joint that was there at least two businesses back and their “Bluegrass Burgoo.” That spot is one of the “Bethesda Business Corners of Doom” — tough to get the traffic you want/need.

  • hmmm

    The location isn’t great, but Box Bar was no good because of the food. Any one ever tried these “dry fried” wings?

  • http://www.theboxsportbarandrestaurant.com/ George Farrell

    Thank you all for your comments. Please take to time to meet us and try our DRY FRIED WINGS


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