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by BethesdaNow.com — January 14, 2013 at 9:10 am 3 Comments

County Digging In For Fight Against Pepco Rate Hike Requests — Montgomery County has assigned a county attorney to work full time on making the county’s case against Pepco rate hike requests, a signal of the ongoing battles to come. [The Gazette]

Bethesda Neighbors Battle Over ‘Frankenhouse’ — Neighbors of a house construction project in Edgemoor apparently disliked the new-look home so much, they threw rocks through the windows and got into arguments with contractors. Then, the home started winning architectural awards. [Bethesda Magazine]

Most Marylanders For Gun Control Measures — Maryland voters favor a state assault weapons ban by a 62 percent to 35 percent margin and 71 percent support limiting gun magazines to 10 bullets, according to a poll. Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) has suggested he would pursue such laws in the General Assembly. [Baltimore Sun]

Flickr photo by Bill in DC

  • Teyo

    What a bunch of class acts in Edgemoor. Egging the house and breaking windows? Seems to me like the people living there and not the new house is what’s making that neighborhood ugly.

  • Guest

    “This house represents a deliberate departure in both the thought process and the realization of current building trends in the neighborhood,” the AIA website says. “Instead of building a large house with pretentious ties to the rural past, this new house is smaller with a stronger relationship to the modern, urban area that Bethesda has become.”

    …Or, it’s just an ugly box.

  • Agreed

    I agree, Teyo. That’s insane. I wish the article included a picture.


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