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County Council Approves Controversial Wildwood Apartment

by BethesdaNow.com — January 22, 2013 at 11:35 am 2 Comments

The Montgomery County Council today approved rezoning at the Wildwood Medical Center on Old Georgetown Road that would allow for a new five-story, 58-unit apartment complex.

Neighbors of the property at 10401 Old Georgetown Rd. argued against the plan because of school overcrowding, traffic and environmental concerns.

But after the County Planning Board imposed setback requirements and made the planned apartment part of the county’s Productivity Housing program, the Wildwood Manor Citizens Association did not oppose it at a special exception hearing.

Six individual residents opposed the project at a Board of Appeals hearing. The Hearing Examiner filed his report and recommendation in favor of the project in December.

The property, which has a three-story, 36,000-square foot medical office building, bank and 206 parking spaces, was supposed to add a general office building. But property owners came back to the county with a new plan for apartments after finding little interest in a struggling office market.

The county’s Productivity Housing program requires 35 percent of the units (21 units) will be below the area-wide median income. The program is meant to provide for affordable housing in new projects in commercial or office zones.

With nearby Walter Johnson High School already overcrowded and with no expansions planned, Hearing Examiner Martin Grossman found that overcrowding was a “legitimate community concern.” But he said the overcrowding issue would be addressed by the Planning Board when evaluating the project’s site plan.

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  • John Rentz

    This is yet another disgrace brought to you and the rest of us by a challenged planning board, and County Council.

    The area bounded by Route 270 to the north and east, Route 270 Spur to the west, and Route 495 to the south is already overdeveloped, and overcrowded. But the County Council, without regard to wishes of those most impacted by bad decisions, unwisely decided to shoehorn in another development and adversely affect the declining quality of life in the aforementioned area. No one I know in Wildwood Manor, which borders the proposed development, supported the development of Productivity Housing., and I mean no one. But our wishes are never regarded.

    Coming up soon is another boondoggle, and that his the rape, I mean, over development of the Grosvenor estate on Grosvenor Lane. There, the county is being asked to approve the construction of more than 150 townhouses. Again in an overdeveloped, overcrowded area.

    We the residents and friends of residents are opposed to this too.

    But that does not seem to matter to the County Council who routinely ignore the plight of its own citizenry.

    Please leave our neighborhoods alone.

    Build the Productivity Housing in your own damn neighborhood, and take the 150+ townhouses too.

  • Crimewlowincomehousing

    More crime I guess
    Low income housing
    Area of senior citizens will be targeted by low income households


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