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MCFRS Chief Richard Bowers is jumping across the river to take the fire chief job in Fairfax County, according to a Fairfax County press release Tuesday afternoon.

Bowers, who has been MCFRS chief since 2008 and who is a 35-year veteran of the department, will start in Fairfax on April 29, according to the release. He will take over for retiring Fairfax Fire Chief Ronald Mastin, who is retiring in May.

Bowers will receive an annual salary of $187,500, a slight decrease from his reported annual salary of $190,000 in Montgomery County. Bowers has spent his entire career in MCFRS, starting as a firefighter/EMT and gradually moving up the ranks after coming out of a 1977 recruiting class.

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Woodmont Triangle

Brasserie Monte Carlo (7929 Norfolk Ave.; 301-656-9225)

3-course Menu $50/pp 5pm-10pm . 3-course Menu $40/pp 3pm-4pm, same menu. Mains are: Sea Bass,Duck Breast, Filet, Lamb Shank or Vegeterian. Wine (3) Pairings $20/pp. Reservations Only

California Tortilla (4871 Cordell Ave.; 301-654-8226)

With any entree order get a special desert only the folks at California Tortilla could come up with: a chocolate tortilla filled with banana, marshmallow and Hershey’s chocolate — then deep-fried and topped with powdered sugar.

Chef Tony’s (4926 St Elmo Ave.; 301-654-3737)

4-course Dinner Valentines Day, Fresh Seafood Choices, Menu live 2/12, bottle of wine included for couple, reservations suggested, intimate dining

Guardado’s (4918 Del Ray Ave.; 301-986-4920)

Join us for Valentine’s Day! We will be Offering a Special all-you-can-eat Menu for your Special Night. A la carte will be available as well.

Yamas Mediterranean Grill (4806 Rugby Ave.; 301-312-8384)

3-course meal for two ($49.95) includes appetizer choice of zucchini fritters, spanakopita, hummus and pita, entree choice of vegetarian mousaka, chicken kebobs served over rice and three-piece paidakia lamb chops served over fries. Dessert is a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries and two glasses of champagne.


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The Montgomery County Council this morning unanimously approved a smoking ban for most county-owned property, including county parks and bus stops.

After Councilwoman Nancy Floreen (D-At large) of Garrett Park introduced the bill in November, the Council’s Health and Human Services Committee made a few amendments, including an expansion of the ban to bus stops and bus shelters. The ban may not apply to county rehab facilities, based on the judgement of the county’s Health and Human Services director.

It also won’t apply on the county’s Falls Road golf course in Potomac or in county-owned or leased buildings that already include private residents.

But it will apply to parks, around recreation centers and outside county buildings. Smoking is already banned inside county buildings and notably, Montgomery was the first county in the state to ban smoking in bars.

Councilman George Leventhal (D-At large) of Takoma Park, who chairs the Health and Human Services Committee, said that culture means the ban likely won’t require much enforcement.

“We think that the culture is changing for the better,” Leventhal said. “We anticipate it will just become improper to smoke at bus stops and bus shelters.”

Those who are cited will be hit with a class C civil violation, which means a fine. Each day the violation exists will be treated as a separate offense.

“There is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke,” Floreen said in a statement.

She said her own experience with breast cancer motivated her to propose the bill, citing smoking’s connection to cancer.

“We are stewards of public health. The passage of Bill 33-12 will help us to protect our residents, employees and visitors from dangerous exposure,” Floreen said. “I applaud my colleagues for standing with me and sending a clear signal that we are a healthy Montgomery.”

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For 30 years, Suburban Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab Department has helped heart disease victims learn how to eat better, exercise and get support.

When the program began in 1983, between four and six patients came to each session. Now, the Cardiac Rehab staff at Suburban (8600 Old Georgetown Rd.) can work with up to 25 patients at a time after three renovations to accomodate a growing number of heart attack victims and those recuperating from valve replacement and bypass surgeries.

“We know that cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack or cardiac surgery can prolong the life of people with coronary artery disease,” said Dr. Greg Kumkumian, medical director of the Cardiac Rehab Center at Suburban Hospital, in a prepared release.  “Our skilled staff is uniquely attuned to the needs of cardiac patients.  We encourage and teach our patients how they can live a full and active live after a heart event.”

The program includes consultations with a dietitian and monitored exercise that has kept some patients for more than 20 years. Fifty percent of the patients, who range in age from 18 to 97, continue in the rehab program. The department treats more than 350 new patients per year.

Photo via Suburban Hospital

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CORRECTION: The added right lane on northbound 355 after Cedar Lane will extend to a point just north of Locust Hill Road, not all the way to the Beltway junction.

Also a clarification: $40 million of the referenced $90 million in federal funding will go toward the pedestrian tunnel crossing at the South Drive intersection. The federal government is providing another approximately $28 million from a separate fund for the project, bringing the rough cost to $68 million. The approximate federal haul for the four intersection projects is $50 million, plus $9.4 million in earmarks from FY 2008-2010.

ORIGINAL POST: Naval Support Activity Bethesda (NSAB) says it takes between 10 and 15 minutes to drive from downtown Bethesda to the Beltway/I-270 junction during rush hour on northbound 355.

The 1.5-mile stretch has become one of the region’s most notorious chokeholds, with added traffic traveling to and from the now-merged Walter Reed National Military Medical Center using intersections that local transportation officials said were already failing.

With both Walter Reed and across-the-street neighbor NIH planning to add employees over the next two decades, the federal government has provided millions in funding to help the Maryland State Highway Administration and Montgomery County try to lighten the traffic load.

We took a trip up Rockville Pike/Wisconsin Avenue starting at 4:30 p.m., on the early end of the after-work rush hour. Starting with the left turn onto Wisconsin Avenue from Woodmont Avenue on the edge of downtown Bethesda, it took ten minutes and four seconds to get to the ramp for I-270 north, a distance of 1.6 miles.

The video, with facts, figures and details of some of the intersection and improvement projects to come, is above. If you don’t feel like reliving that commute, all of the information in the video is supplied after the jump.


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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, real estate website Trulia.com has determined which areas boast the highest ratios of single women and single men and Bethesda stands out.

The Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick metropolitan district (as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) has the highest ratio of single women to single men in the country, according to the study, which estimates there are 1.2 single women living alone in the area for every single male.

To come up with the figures, author Jed Kolko first looked at the number of men and number of women not living in dorms, group quarters or other institutions together in large groups. He then subtracted Census estimates of the gay and lesbian population to focus on men and women interested in dating someone of the opposite sex. He also subtracted people older than 65.

East coast power centers are traditionally home to higher ratios of single women to single men.

Washington, DC-VA-MD-WV has the second highest ratio, with 1.12 women living alone per man living alone. Boston, New York, NY-NJ and Raleigh, NC round out the top five.

Kolko’s research shows three Bethesda zip codes with 10 percent to 25 percent more single women than single men. The zip code with the highest ratio of single women to single men in Washington was 20008, which covers upper NW along Connecticut Avenue.

Image via Trulia.com

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How Do You Refresh A Suburban Mall? — With the coming redevelopment of White Flint, the Lerner family hopes to transform its mall, built in 1977, into an attractive urban neighborhood. [Friends of White Flint]

Frick vs. Frosh In ’14 Attorney General Race — Del. Bill Frick (D-Bethesda) said he plans to run for the state’s attorney general position in race, pitting him against fellow Bethesda state lawmaker Sen. Brian Frosh (D), who hails from the same district. Frosh, who boasts significant support, said he has not talked to Frick about his plans. [The Gazette]

MoCo Agrees To First Pay Increases For Government Employees In Four Years — The deal would reportedly provide the county’s 5,000-member employee union with a two-year contract that will give most workers 13 percent in cost-of-living and longevity raises. It must be agreed upon by the union membership and County Council. [Washington Post]

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