Luxury Bethesda Condo Begins Marketing Campaign

by Aaron Kraut — May 2, 2013 at 2:25 pm 783 8 Comments

An advertisement for The Lauren, a luxury condominium planned for Hampden Lane, recently went up

Signs have gone up for The Lauren, the multi-million dollar condominium development that is set to replace the old, brick Hampden Apartments at 4901 Hampden Lane.

The advertisement for the seven-story, 25-unit building makes clear the developer’s desire to get to the top of the Bethesda luxury housing market: “Now accepting inquiries. Residences from the several millions.”

The Lauren rendering, via Montgomery County Planning DepartmentD.C.-based developer 1788 Holdings has partnered with Sotheby’s International Realty to market the property.

The website boasts of the location’s prime location near Bethesda Row and the Bethesda Metro station and says the boutique property “will feature iconic architecture that will only further its cache” and “the location, the lifestyle and the fit and finish are unlike anything else in Bethesda.”

The developer is waiting for a Planning Board hearing to review a Site Plan Administrative Amendment that would allow for balconies and modified landscaping.

The seven-story building would also replace the detached houses along Montgomery Lane that are now used as offices and include three Moderately Priced Dwelling Units, as is required for new multi-family dwellings in Montgomery County.

Rendering via Montgomery County Planning Department

  • anonymous

    Yes, a good supply cache will really further your property’s cachet.

  • MrBethesda

    These developments will significantly increase the county’s tax revenue without raising tax rates. Good deal.

  • lisalon

    Why would anyone purchase an apartment starting from the “several millions” when you can walk 5 blocks out of the city and find a much larger house in an established neighborhood for around same price? I’ve heard that the Lionsgate Bethesda condos are half empty for this very reason.

    It would be great to see more affordable housing developed in this area catered toward young professionals, such as the Barclays or the FIelds, but it doesn’t seem that this is going to happen anytime soon.

    • Zoethecat

      Lionsgate is fully occupied and decidedly not half empty.

  • Nicole

    I agree. Walked by it today and had to take it picture. So pompous.

  • Anonymous

    Bethesda offers something for most everyone. Why not this as well?

  • LK

    I grew up on Hampden lane from 1971-1982, I remember all the trees and families that lived on that street. Even the businesses were friendly with everyone that lived there. Now that area is just a long list of money hungry people, how very sad. Those old buildings have some serious history, they should restore them and charge 1/4 of the rent they are charging now.

    • luckyhorseshoe

      no one is stopping you from putting up your own money to do so. Short of you putiing your money where your mouth is, who are you to dictate how anyone else “should” invest their money? When you are successful enough to have the capital to risk it on your own project, you can do so on a money losing proposition. Until then, you are just a whiner not a doer


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