Montgomery County Food Trucks Start Website

by Aaron Kraut — May 6, 2013 at 11:21 am 663 6 Comments

Via MocoFoodTrucks.comA group of Montgomery County food trucks have started a website, another measure of how the county’s food truck operators are organizing to help promote each other.

It’s also another sign of how truck owners are coming together in case they face the type of backlash trucks in D.C. and Arlington have.

The website, MocoFoodTrucks.com, includes schedules for 16 of the county’s most popular trucks, including many that make frequent stops in Bethesda.

It also includes a blog and contact info for catering requests.

Brick-and-mortar restaurant owners have traditionally seen food truck owners as competitors who don’t have to spend as much in operating costs. In Bethesda, food truck operators who do set up shop in downtown areas say it’s not uncommon to be harassed by meter attendants. Many prefer to set up in the corporate office parks near Rockledge Drive, where parking is easier and a steady flow of customers is guaranteed.

In September, a group of about 12 vendors discussed how to better communicate marketing strategies and routes and how to fight regulations such as the county’s “9 a.m. to dusk” rule.

The county does not permit trucks to operate past sundown, which effectively limits vendors to lunchtime hours during the winter months.

Later this week, the D.C. Committee on Business, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs will review a proposal that would restrict food trucks to certain areas of the city.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adforsyth Andrew Forsyth

    Sounds great. Bethesda needs a night market when the food trucks show up in the evening and attract more people, arts, etc. to the streets just like in Southeast Asia. We’ll still go to the brick-and-mortars, but this could make Bethesda far less sterile, which would be a step forward.
    1) Baltimore Food Trucks Event (https://www.facebook.com/BmoreFoodTrucks);
    2) Truckeroo (http://www.truckeroodc.com/www/food-trucks.html);
    3) DC TruckToberFest (http://www.wtop.com/109/3050123/Food-trucks-gather-at-Trucktoberfest)
    4) NYC http://www.prospectpark.org/calendar/event/food-truck-rally
    etc., etc. etc.

  • Leigh Byrnes

    Very excited for this, I have been a fan of the food truck movement since Trucktoberfest 2012. Most of the offerings seem like snack foods (BBQ, tacos, hot dogs, sweets) but it would be nice to see more adventurous forays into cuisine. Consider ChefDrivenDC, my personal favorite. Their steak frites with chimichurri sauce and truffle french fries = divine. I’ve still yet to try the sushi food trucks in DC.

    I agree that the food trucks should come out in the evenings. If they did occasional late night drop ins, that would be amazing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/madisoncapitalequipmentandvehiclefinancing Madison Capital

    This a great idea.

  • Arnulfo Moreno

    As a few others have mentioned night time food trucks would be awesome though I would assume it would be a seasonal thing. I can’t imagine many people waiting in line in the dead of winter.

    This is a step in the right direction.

  • B

    I would love to have food truck gathering – all one spot at one time (in the evening). It would be nice to have easy access to taste them all:)

  • carla

    I would love to have the food trucks come to our location too in Hyattsville, Md. We can have them here as well. Please call me at 301-270-4400. Thanks, Carla


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