Bethesda Row Favorite On The Way Out

by Aaron Kraut — May 28, 2013 at 2:14 pm 738 2 Comments

City Lights of China Restaurant is closingA Bethesda Row favorite is on the way out, closing Tuesday as its lease comes to an end.

The City Lights of China Restaurant will look for a new space in Bethesda after 10 years at 4820 Bethesda Ave., according to manager Michael He.

The rent on the street of high-end chains and clothing boutiques was just too high for the restaurant to remain.

“We just want to thank the customers for being with us and we hope to serve them soon,” He said.

Blogger Robert Dyer reported Shophouse, the Chipotle-inspired Asian-style fast casual restaurant, would be taking over the space. We’re waiting to hear confirmation.

  • Leigh Byrnes

    Was the rent really too high to maintain, or did the the leasing company just decide to jack up the rent after 10 years?

  • HailToTheRedskins

    Ri Ra is going, too – to Georgetown, I’m told.

    I guess they’re just not fancy or high end enough for Bethesda Row.



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