Late-Night Mail Delivery Surprises Chevy Chase Residents

by Aaron Kraut — September 24, 2013 at 9:25 am 3,764 19 Comments

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Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night is supposed to keep U.S. Postal Service mail carriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

That’s not so much the case recently in Chevy Chase.

A number of Chevy Chase residents in the 20815 zip code reported mail delivery around 10 p.m. on Monday. The mail has apparently arrived later and later, some days around 6 p.m. or 7 p.m., in neighborhoods around Connecticut Avenue.

The late delivery times caused a bit of a stir on the Chevy Chase Village listserv.

“Tonight takes the cake,” wrote one resident. “It’s 10pm and I just noticed flashing orange lights in front of our house — it’s the mail truck and the mail is just now being delivered!”

“Our wonderful mail carrier let us know that her route was changing as of last Friday (we are on Conn. ave) and that our section of the neighborhood was in ‘carrier limbo’ for at least the next few weeks,” wrote another. “We just got our mail too…”

USPS spokesperson Laura Dvorak said the 10 p.m. delivery was an anomaly and should not happen again. Adjustments are made to routes based on volume, service needs and other factors as necessary.

Flickr photo by Nicole’

  • Who Cares

    boo hoo hoo find something better to complain about

  • postal!!!!

    get used to it,,especially with the holidays coming up,,,its a matter of time before I get shot down here in the south creeping across someones lawn at 10oclock with a package in hand!!

    • Huh

      Don’t wear that Postal Issued Hoodie !!!!!!!!!

  • Sheckman

    Ours in Bethesda regularly comes after 6, sometimes after 7 or 8. Growing up as a kid in Jersey, came around 10:30 AM.

  • anon

    We live on the D.C. side of Chevy Chase, and our mail comes anywhere between 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. It’s kind of absurd.

  • Juile Jones

    They can’t keep no help because Number one they don’t pay ,no benefits. Number two your expected to work like a regular carrier.Finally,your boss could be a temp boss (head case) That will be in your face telling you,”I could fire you.” Any questions?
    So with the holidays coming oh so near,6.p.m will be early. I remember if mail came by 4 that late.

  • Jamie Partridge

    The Postmaster General has closed (consolidated) half the mail processing plants in the country in the last year. 1/4 of the work force has been eliminated in the past 5 years. Mail is getting to the carriers later and later. Join the fight to save the postal service! It’s a manufactured crisis! Congress created the problem and Congress can fix it. cpwunited.com

  • Not Surprised

    Mail I’m Santa Monica California has been delivered as late as 1am. YES one in the morning. It varies daily but its not unusual to see letter carriers out here wearing flash lights on there heads like coal miners. Its not an anomaly its been going on for about 3 years. We were given the same line about route adjustments but the reality is the postal service is just poorly run. If it were just one mailman or once in a while I would blame him but its got to be a management issue because it happens all the time. I once had a mailman beg me to complain to my congressman so that he wouldn’t have to be out delivering until 11pm every night and he go home to his family.

  • IIlIIl111

    The main job of the Republican controlled Congress is to run the Postal Service into the toilet, so they can point to the mess THEY created and say, “See??? ……….We have to PRIVATIZE!!!” And their plan is right on schedule…………………………

  • Sgt Roy

    This is the result of two things, UPPER LEVEL MANAGEMENT micro-managing mail delivery using computer software, (DOIS) without having any contact with reality, IE., what’s going on in local areas. Second, management is cutting back the craft (labor) force in order to protect their own high paying jobs!! Heard of any cuts in upper level management lately? 39 members of upper level management make more than members of Congress!

    Also,. when are members of Congress going to demand that the Postal Service open up the books so they can see “everything”?? When are members of Congress going to review the legal settlements paid by the Postal Service, almost A BILLION DOLLARS a year, to employees who were wrongly suspended or terminated and based on union contracts successfully sued the Postal Service for their actions?? People,.. there are lawyers out there who do nothing else except sue the Postal Service and they earn hundreds of thousands of $$$’s doing so!

    Any major corporation that has lost the money the Postal Service has would have FIRED the CEO (Postmaster) and other members of upper level management a long time ago…

  • Jesse james

    It shows the dedication of letter carriers. Would you go out there in the dark? They did!

  • MrPolarBear

    Had a rural Carrier out till 2:30 AM in Raleigh NC the day after the holiday. Go ahead, close on Saturdays.

    • Nalc

      I’m sorry, that’s not believable. There is no way that could have happened. And I am a city carrier.

      • Mclean

        Yes It Is Possible, About A Year Ago A Day After A Holiday Our Dumb Ass Supervisor Told Us Everything Had To Go Including Three Sets Of Circulars, I Got Back From My Route At About 11:30, The 4Th Or 5Th carrier Back, The Last Carrier Got Back To The Office At Around 2:00.

        • Oscar Levant

          I believe it is possible. The Postal Service is a 24/7 operation and if management gets the orders from above that everything must go then this could be the result.

          • Way out West

            I thought it was just us! Too many chiefs, not enough indians!

        • Grammar PD

          You forgot to capitalize a word.

  • jim bob

    These stories don’t make sense. Too many rules are being broken. Where is the NALC? Where is the shop steward? Safety ? Has OSHA been notified? I will say I have seen mail being delivered at 7 PM on a Saturday evening. I was told that 5 to 6 PM was the usual time to get their mail.

  • Lynelle Carter

    It really is a shame that there is no respect for the individuals that are out delivering that mail day after day. Let’s just blame the letter carrier! Just remember that these carriers are doing the job to the best of their ability and they have to work under some very stressful conditions and yet they put a smile on their face to carry that mail every day.

    I want to personally thank them for their hard work and dedication, it can’t be easy.


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