UPDATED: Police Looking For North Bethesda Bank Robbery Suspect

by Aaron Kraut — December 2, 2013 at 2:45 pm 558 8 Comments

Police say this suspect, shown during an alleged bank robbery Monday at a Giant Food store, is the same man who robbed a PNC Bank on Wednesday on Old Georgetown Road, via MCPUPDATE Wednesday Police believe the suspect in Monday’s bank robbery of a bank inside the Giant Food store in Montrose Crossing is the same man who robbed a Bethesda bank on Wednesday. Full story here.

ORIGINAL Montgomery County Police this afternoon are on the lookout for a male suspect in a bank robbery inside a Giant Food store in North Bethesda.

The robbery was called in at 1:55 p.m., according to Police spokesperson Angela Cruz. According to preliminary information, a man implied he had a weapon before taking cash from the PNC Bank inside the grocery store at 12051 Rockville Pike.

Police are still on the scene at the Montrose Crossing Shopping Center. There have been no injuries reported.

  • Trixie

    That store isn’t in “north Bethesda” —it’s in Rockville. Check the address in the store listings, a telephone directory or the shopping center itself. No one thinks Montrose and 355 is in “north Bethesda” except developers…Even the post office says it’s Rockville, 20852.

    • Aaron Kraut


      Trust that I understand most folks still identify that area as Rockville. But Google the address and you will find it’s identified as North Bethesda, so it’s not entirely off-base. When it comes to covering North Bethesda, we’ll cover it right up to the actual City of Rockville line. (I don’t think more coverage of any place can hurt.)

      • Trixie

        I did google the address—and it came up as Rockville. That’s why I responded to the post. 2nd try, I put in “Giant, 12051 Rockville Pike” and it came up as Rockville, 20852.

    • Merujo

      Jeez — I live in “north” Bethesda, zip 20814, right by Strathmore, and I appreciate knowing when the grocery store a mile north of me is robbed. I’m grateful for the incredibly useful news on this site and that it acknowledges news that affects Bethesda residents sometimes happens a few blocks north of White Flint.

      Thanks, Aaron!

      • Trixie

        And I live right by Strathmore, a half block off 355 and Strathmore—zip 20859. It’s Kensington. RIght behind White Flint Mall. Which they’re trying to sell as “North Bethesda,” despite the fact that it’s been designated as Kensington forever. Go figure. I appreciate knowing which store was robbed, but it’s been known as the Rockville Giant (or Super Giant) ever since I moved here in the ’60s. (and I lived in bethesda ’16, then….)

  • MrBethesda

    As I looked at the video of the robbery inside the bank itself, I wonder why the teller gave the robber anything. Why didn’t she just duck down? She’s standing behind thick sheets of bullet-proof plastic. Or am I missing something?

    • Aaron Kraut


      I don’t think you’re alone in wondering about that. Banks train tellers to comply with a robber’s demands, in order to not escalate the situation. The money is insured and robbers typically don’t get much of it. You might remember this one from a few years ago in Seattle. The bank teller chased the robber down and got fired for bucking policy: http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2009579648_teller01m.html

  • MrBethesda

    Developers are always trying to palm off one address for less desirable (?) one. My sister-in-law lived on the southern edge of Gaithersburg with a G’burg ZIP code. However, the developers referred to it as “North Potomac” so they could jack up the price of housing to near Potomac prices.

    However, sometimes it backfires. When Westfield, an Australian firm, bought Montgomery Mall in 1998 they changed the name to “Westfield Shoppingtowne Montgomery” with the misplaced idea of “branding” a shopping center. Sure, I’ll always drive way out of way to shop at stores I don’t like just because it’s a Westfield! Not!

    Naturally, nobody—not the stores or the bus routes—changed to that long name; they stuck with what worked: Montgomery Mall.

    But I’ve noticed in the last year or so that they have modified the name to Westfield Montgomery Mall. .


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