UPDATED: Police Charge Private Coach, Tutor With Sex Abuse Of A Minor

by Aaron Kraut — December 10, 2013 at 2:25 pm 3,330 7 Comments

Daniel Sirotkin, via Montgomery County PoliceUPDATE Wednesday Montgomery County Police have charged a Germantown man who coaches and tutors in Bethesda and Potomac with sex offenses against a teenage girl.

Police on Tuesday said Daniel Mandel Sirotkin, 30, of the 17300 block of Autumn Harvest Court in Germantown, has been charged with two counts of Sex Abuse of a Minor and three counts of Third Degree Sex Offense after MCPS school officials notified police of a private tutor and athletic coach engaging in inappropriate contact with students.

The charges stem from alleged incidents with one victim, according to charging documents. The abuse occurred multiple times from 2011 to 2013, according to the documents.

According to police, Sirotkin was hired by parents to coach and tutor students from several private and public schools in the Bethesda and Potomac areas.

Sirotkin, who was a honorable mention on the 2001 All-Gazette Wrestling Team at Quince Orchard, is listed as an assistant coach for the Good Counsel High School wrestling team in Olney. Good Counsel President Paul Barker said Sirotkin coached at the school in the past but is not a wrestling coach there this year.

He was listed as the head coach of a club travel team during the 2010-2011 season of the Viking and BCC Mat Club, which practiced at the Landon School. Michael Lerner, director of the what is now the Viking Mat Club, said he had no idea about the allegations against Sirotkin and indicated Sirotkin no longer coaches with the club.

“I’ve already recreated the lists from way back when and I’m going to pull all the parents to see if anyone had anything fishy going on,” Lerner said. “I certainly didn’t know about anything.”

Police say Sirotkin has been tutoring and coaching high school students for several years and, in a press release, encouraged any parent of child who feels he engaged in inappropriate behavior to call the Family Crimes Division at 240-773-5400.

Photo via Montgomery County Police

  • W

    Dan Sirotkin is a man who has given his life for the service of his community and teams. He has been a positive influence on hundreds of young adult lives. He has shown nothing but the highest integrity throughout his life. Do not judge a man based on a news article. As you read this article, understand that he has been found guilty of nothing and it is up to the legal system to find the facts.

  • A

    Dan Sirotkin changed my life. This claim is ridiculous and I support the previous claim that he has been convicted of nothing so far. Anybody can accuse anyone of anything.

  • M

    Dan Sirotkin is a wonderful man with a great heart. He has helped countless kids become better people. This accusation could happen to anyone who works with kids.
    Where is there evidence of any wrongdoing?

  • Kat

    Why don’t you wait before you destroy someone’s career and life off of what one child claims. If it’s true, that’s one thing. But let’s wait and let the court systems decide truth before we allow the media to ruin a good person’s life. Shame on you for jumping to conclusions and judging so quickly with so little facts. Why don’t people think about the repercussions of rash acusations? Unbelievable.

    • C’mon

      Why don’t people think about the repercussions of adult teachers having sex with teenagers? Obviously Kat hasn’t.

  • stop the ignorance

    Dan isnt anything like people of negativity is trying to portray him to be this is just one side of the story.i known him for years and he isnt this person so before u go judging him get your facts straight.

  • Jane

    Shame on you. I have known Dan Sirotkin for years and can understand the shock that many have expressed in prior comments regarding these charges. However, it is completely unacceptable to speculate whether the alleged victim is psychotic. As painful as it is to face, the vast majority of abuse allegations are not false. This is exactly the kind of reaction that keeps more people who have experienced abuse from coming forward to confront their perpetrator and press charges. Dan does deserve to have a fair trial and he is innocent until proven guilty, but we must accept the verdict whatever it may be and NEVER engage in verbal attacks against a 15-year-old girl who quite possibly is the real victim of this situation.


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