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Du-par’s Hamburger Hamlet Closed

by Aaron Kraut — December 23, 2013 at 11:30 am 1,037 5 Comments

Du-par's Hamburger Hamlet closedDu-par’s attempt to revive the Georgetown Square Hamburger Hamlet location didn’t get off the ground in time to save the restaurant from closing on Friday night.

Hamburger Hamlet filed for bankruptcy in April and auctioned off most of the equipment inside 8,500-square-foot restaurant (10400 Old Georgetown Rd.) on Friday.

Du-par’s owner W.W. “Biff” Naylor, who joined with the chain last year and made it into a 24-hour diner, hoped to renegotiate the lease.

That didn’t happen in time, as a sign on the window reads “Closed Lost Lease.”

  • Barry Cohen

    good bye….

  • Banff3

    It is of no surprise that this well known Washington, DC establishment has closed. It is a crime, and a shame. My father, who now is bedridden from Alzheimer’s, used to love going to the Hamlet every time he visited from Philly. It was his favorite spot. And, why not, the food was traditionally of good quality, and the service and good cheer from patrons added to the atmosphere.

    As soon as the place was under new ownership, IT SUCKED!!!! Sorry, but that’s actually holding some more choice words back. Even though the food was still of good quality–and the bakery added another choice offering–the service was horrendous. We stopped sitting down to order and chose take out instead. On average, calling in an order usually took 10 minutes, as the staff who spoke little English could hardly translate, and then the time they gave us for picking it up rarely matched the time when we showed up to anticipate picking up the order.actually One exceptionally hilarious transaction, was when we called in to ask if they had any Banana Cream Pie. It took the staff about seven minutes to check, then came back with the report that they were out of Banana, but secured that they had Coconut and Chocolate Cream pie. We ordered two slices of Coconut, and one Chocolate. We should have checked our order at the restaurant, because to our hilarity, we got back home and discovered two slices of Banana Cream and one Chocolate.

    To the original owners, I say I am heartily sorry. Yours was a culinary landmark around these parts. To the new owners, thanks a lot for ruining a Washington institution. Might I suggest you start working for the federal government?

  • barbara m

    Stay tuned..We heard that the restaurant group in Virginia that owns Arties, Sweetwater , Carlyle a 5 others will open in this space on about a year. They have great food at all of their restaurants…Fingers crossed!!!

  • Hamlet4Ever

    I will miss dropping by the Double H after work, hanging out with my friend Chris on its sweet roof deck while enjoying that great view of the Exxon across the street and the sweet smell of Chipotle wafting from the chimney pipe next to my barstool. What next…? Hank Dietles? The world is truly coming to an end.

  • 4thBarStoolOnTheLeft

    Hamlet4Ever, the views were the best. Remember the time Eddie from Exxon came out and changed the price of the regular gas on the big sign…changed my life man. Can’t believe our mecca has closed. P.S., why didn’t we ever bring the Chipotle up to the roofdeck with us…the smell always made me so hungry!


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