Door At Apple Store Falls On Bethesda Row Pedestrian

by Aaron Kraut — December 24, 2013 at 11:45 am 30,624 10 Comments

Apple store door falls on a pedestrian at Bethesda Row, Flickr photo via James Devine  Apple store door falls on a pedestrian at Bethesda Row, Flickr photo via James Devine

A large glass door at the Bethesda Row Apple store (4860 Bethesda Ave.) came unhinged on Monday and fell on a man.

The photos above are from Flickr user James Devine, who captured the images with his iPhone.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services spokesperson Beth Anne Nesselt confirmed paramedics were sent to the scene at 1:20 p.m. on Monday. The adult male patient was taken to a local hospital with serious, believed to be non-life threatening injuries.

Nesselt said it’s her understanding that code enforcement or building engineers were not needed and the store continued regular operation after the incident.

If you witnessed the incident or the immediate aftermath, drop us a line at desk[at]bethesdanow[dot]com.

Flickr photos by James Devine

  • Rutger Rauws
  • RedditBrigade

    ddos inc

    • TerrorBite

      “ddos” implies malicious intent. It’s a “friendly Reddit hug”, or what was once known as “the Slashdot Effect”.

  • Kathy Gambrell

    They nearly kill a guy and it’s business as usual. Nice.

    • Hannah Blessing

      Yeah, why is that part good news?

  • Buddy P

    (From NBCNews’s Washington Bureau) “An attorney for the man says his client is in severe pain and will be transported to a rehab facility” Ca-Ching.

    • Thinker

      Shake that tree, he deserves it. He was knocked out with no help from the store.

  • Thinker

    I must say that as a witness a few seconds after the incident, the Apple store employees did NOTHING. They stood in groups inside, with their red shirts, and stared chatting amongst each other. I would have AT LEAST had a couple of employees out there making sure he was breathing, had room for EMT and stopping gawking pedestrians from staring. Shameful employees.

    • Grateful

      That’s not true. I was inside the store and the employees near the door, along with many customers, were shouting for others to call 911. Employees and customers alike did just that, I could hear the manager at the desk making the call. Then an employee near the front called out to ask if anyone had medical training. Everyone else stayed out of the way so as not to get in the way of help. They also got out service ropes to stop people from going out the front door and had customers use the back door so that fire and rescue could come through and the area would stay clear for him.

  • CaretCake

    Can’t imagine fully the pain and horror this victim feels, but what if that door landed on a child? I have two toddlers.


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