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Last School Day For MCPS Could Be Moved To June 19

by Aaron Kraut — March 6, 2014 at 11:15 am 348 0

Snowy December day in BethesdaSome folks might have to delay those summer vacations if MCPS decides not to apply for a snow day waiver from the state, or does apply but is denied.

The school system on Thursday spelled out where it stands in regard to the rest of the 2013-2014 school year calendar.

The original calendar, with room for four snow days built in, has the last day of school on June 12. MCPS has canceled nine days of school because of snow and inclement winter weather.

Because of Maryland’s requirement for at least 180 days of instruction, MCPS could be on the hook for five extra days of classes and would move the last day of school to Thursday, June 19.

So what about that waiver?

The Maryland State Department of Education has not yet begun accepting applications for a waiver of the 180-day requirement. When they do, MCPS will decide whether to apply for a waiver, and how many days it will seek to have waived.

A big factor could be any additional snow days in the coming weeks. MCPS has received snow day waivers before.

The MCPS press release sounds an optimistic tone, at least for two of the five overflow snow days:

The fact that Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley declared a state of emergency on February 13 and 14 may make it more likely that a waiver would be granted for these snow days, but it is not guaranteed. The district would still need to apply for such a waiver.


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