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  • Gary

    Interesting that so many people buy (or rent) the condos. Right down the street you can buy a house with a yard for the same amount of money. While not Tilden Woods in its prosperity, Randolph Hills is the neighborhood to buy in.

    • Andrew Goodman

      Both great areas. However, the 3 rules to real estate. Location location location. Not saying the neighborhoods you mentioned weren’t in good locations, but the condos/apartments that residents have been drawn to are in walking distance (if not crawling distance) to the future Pike & Rose. A yard is very nice to have, but some people love a starbucks outside their front door.

  • Jake

    Great article Andrew! Would a 203K loan be possible to purchase one of the homes in walking distance that needs repairs?

    • Gary

      The single family homes within a mile are now averaging $390,000 and rising in Randolph Hills. $203K puts you closer to Viers Mill Road (like right in the middle of it). There are condos in your range though off of Parklawn.

      • Andrew Goodman

        Jake was referring to a 203K loan program which is a rehab loan. Not a price range. Sorry for the confusion.

    • Andrew Goodman

      Not necessarily. Most repairs I was referring to would be considered cosmetic. A 203K loan would be directed towards more significant repairs. However, you may be able use a home equity line, cash out refinance on a current property, etc.

  • Michael Darzi

    Andrew, I would strongly disagree with your characterization that the White Flint Station (WFS) Condos community “seems inferior” to the nearby high rise condo and apartment buildings, of which there are several, with more coming soon.

    My wife and I bought our condo at WFS precisely because they are not high rises. We visited several such tall buildings in our search. Their corridors struck us as gloomy and depressing, regardless of how well decorated and lit they may have been. On the other hand, WFS’ beautiful courtyards and open corridors and breezeways provide abundant natural light, and are a breath of fresh air, figuratively and literally.

    I am sure you realize that buyers have a wide range of tastes and preferences. Although WFS Condos may be very “different” from the high rises, they are by no means “inferior” for being made from a different mold.

    • Andrew Goodman

      I agree with you and I should have clarified what I was referring to. I have had several owners in your building reach out and I have told each of them that I will make a remark in my next column retracting my misunderstood statement.
      My comment was strictly due to the Gallery and the Sterling buildings towering over them in regards to height. In no way was my intent to downgrade the building nor it’s units. The units are very nice and the building does offer a different feel compared to the others.
      My apologies for the confusion and I will certainly make a retraction statement in my next column.


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