Video Shows Skateboarder Taking American Flag From Front Porch

by Aaron Kraut — May 27, 2014 at 3:15 pm 881 20 Comments

The suspect leaves, American flag art (and skateboard) in hand, via @russresearcherPerhaps he was preparing for Memorial Day.

Whatever the motive, this skateboard-toting gentleman might find it tough to get away with allegedly stealing a piece of American flag art from a Bethesda front porch early Friday morning.

The homeowner on Oldchester Road happened to have a surveillance camera set up. Neighbor Diana Russell tweeted the video on Tuesday, asking anyone who recognizes the person to call police.

The alleged theft happened just before 3 a.m. on Friday.

In the 16-second surveillance clip, the man is seen walking up the porch steps directly toward what appears to be a flag painted on wood. As he takes it off the porch, he gives a quick glance at the home’s front door. After a few moments of struggling to take it down, he removes the piece and quickly descends the stairs.

It is apparently not the first incident of its type in the area recently. Similar thefts have been reported, we’re told.

Photos via @russresearcher

  • Bethesda Blue Hair

    I warned you all that that giant skateboard sign in downtown Bethesda would destroy our community!

    • Guest696969

      …How does that relate to this…

      • DrLRonHoover

        And what in the name of all that is holy is “ameliorat[ing] the community..?” Sounds like someone done et the Thesaurus….

        • Juan C

          They’re in the process of creating a skatepark for the kids. Sounds like “someone done et the dictionary”

          • DrLRonHoover

            Ah believes it was the Thee-Saw-Rus he done et. Yew ‘n me woulda jest used the word “im-prove.”

    • Juan C

      So everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist right? The creators of that sign have a genuine desire to ameliorate the community by giving skateboarders their own niche to skate, not destroy it. I pity your overly generalized assumptions about skateboard culture

      • rorojo

        Ummm… lighten up folks? The original comment appears to be a joke that appears to be defending the sign.

      • Really?

        Please google “tongue in cheek.” Obviously Ms Blue hair is supportive of the Woodmont Triangle vibe and mourns the loss of the giant skateboard as do many of us. And what’s with the Middle East reference?

    • Kate

      Why is your name Bethesda Blue Hair when literally nobody in Bethesda has blue hair? I only know 2 people with blue hair here and one of them is me…

  • DrLRonHoover

    Oh dear Lord – this is news?

    • Russ

      If it’s your neighborhood, it is.

      • DrLRonHoover

        What’s next? “Neighbor Mows Lawn at 6:58 AM?” “Delivery Truck Double Parks in Front of House?” And the killer: “DOG CRAPS ON LAWN! FILM AT 11!!!!”

        • russ

          If found, we’ll be sure to send him to your neighborhood:-(

          • DrLRonHoover

            we can handle it better than Uptight Heights can. OH DEAR LORD NO! A FLAG STEEEEEEEEELLLLLLURRRR! 😛

  • yo

    Juan has properly used the word ameliorate. I believe this person will be caught very soon…

    • Guest

      t was a correct – but extremely awkward – use of the word. Why couldn’t Cletus jest use the word “improve”?
      t was a correct – but extremely awkward – use of the word. Why couldn’t Cletus jest use the word “improve”?

  • Concerned Citizen

    That skate shop is turning hot children into vandals and potheads. I am organizing a petition to get that store out of our community.

    • Concerned Citizen


    • Kate

      “Hot children” do you find young kids attractive? That is just messed up. People like you that emotionally scar little kids should be put away for a lifetime.

  • Reasonable citizen

    Come on folks… a thief who *HAPPENS* to have been carrying a skateboard while commiting his act. Please do not generalize this behavior as typical of skateboarders in general. If you have the reading skills to comprehend this article then you should know better than to make broad assumptions about a group based on the behavior of a single individual


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