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Police Investigating Serious Beach Drive Wreck

by Aaron Kraut — July 12, 2014 at 7:25 am 851 9 Comments

Southbound Beach Drive at Wyndale Road, via Google Maps

Police are investigating a single-car wreck in Chevy Chase on Friday night that left a man pinned against a tree and seriously injured.

Police and rescue personnel responded to Beach Drive and Wyndale Road at about 8:40 p.m. on Friday and found a blue Mini Cooper had struck a tree.

According to police, rescue personnel then took the 25-year-old male driver to Suburban Hospital, where he continues to receive treatment for his injuries on Saturday morning. According to scanner traffic, the driver was severely pinned against the tree and in life threatening condition.

Police said the driver was heading southbound on Beach Drive and for still unknown reasons, crossed the double yellow line and hit a tree near the westbound shoulder.

Police are asking for anyone with information regarding the collision to call the Collision Reconstruction Unit at 240-773-6620 or the police non-emergency number at 301-279-8000. Callers may remain anonymous.

Photo via Google Maps

  • rorojo

    Yikes took a hike through there the next day without knowing. Debris everywhere. Must not have been a pretty scene.

    • josfitz

      Was driver inebriated? Did driver have medical incident?

      • rorojo

        I couldn’t really tell that by the plastic and glass car parts everywhere. The tree has a bit of a gash.

        • josfitz

          Oh dear, poor tree. I hope in instances like this M, County enlists the help of tree experts to assess the damage and take restorative action. This is what I do when ,,, or an “act of God”.

  • josfitz

    I’m confused. “Driver was heading southbound … crossed the double yellow line and hit a tree near the westbound shoulder.” How does south and westbound connect?

    • mocoite

      If you’re headed south on a road, the shoulders, and thus trees, are to the east and west of you. Pretty easy geography.

      • Mr Geography

        When driving southbound, on your right will be the west shoulder on your left will be the east shoulder. The article says he crossed the double yellow line … so how did he end up on the west side?

      • josfitz

        Thank you. Okay, I (finally) get it now, I think. Then I read the post below and now, alas, I am once more confused. Please help.


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